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Digital Risk Check Privacy Policy by Stygian Cyber Security

Last Updated Date: 10th November 2023

We at Digital Risk Check, a service provided by Stygian Cyber Security, are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our users. This Privacy Policy outlines our data collection and usage practices.

Who We Are

Digital Risk Check, powered by Stygian Cyber Security, specializes in providing comprehensive cybersecurity assessments using domain addresses. Our service conducts in-depth analyses, identifying risk factors and assigning cyber rating scores to evaluate the security status of domains. The primary identifier in our assessments is the domain name.

Our Data Philosophy

We champion the power of data in enhancing cybersecurity. Digital Risk Check aims to provide businesses with a clear and actionable perspective of their digital security posture.

Data Collection and Utilization

Digital Risk Check gathers data to:

  • Assess the cybersecurity health of domains.
  • Conduct detailed checks on various digital risk factors.
  • Allocate a cyber rating score reflecting the domain’s security status.

Data Sources

We responsibly source data from:

  • Direct submissions by organizations.
  • Public records, including business registrations and company filings.
  • Reliable data partners and open-source intelligence.

Compliance and Regulation

Operating in the UK, we comply with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR. Queries can be directed to our Data Protection Officer at [insert email address].

Data Usage

  • Risk Analysis: Our primary goal is to assess and report on domain cybersecurity health.
  • Business Intelligence: We leverage insights to aid businesses in shaping their cybersecurity strategies.

Sharing Information

  • We provide insights to domain owners and authorized entities, maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • We do not engage in selling or sharing data for marketing purposes.

International Data Transfer

For international data transfers, GDPR compliance ensures robust data protection and privacy.

Data Retention

Data is retained as required to deliver services and in line with legal obligations.

Your Rights

  • Access and Correction: Request access to and correction of your data.
  • Objection and Deletion: You may object to processing and request data deletion, within legal limits.

Contact and Feedback

For inquiries or feedback on Digital Risk Check or this privacy policy, contact us at:

Digital Risk Check by Stygian Cyber Security 548-550 Elder House, Office 202 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes England, MK9 1LR, UK

Policy Updates

We periodically review and update this policy to stay aligned with best practices and regulations.


For any complaints, please reach out to us directly. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).